Our Library

In 2013, our library started to provide service in a room of approximately 80 m² in order to support the education within the university and the realization of research activities outside the university and to provide its users with qualified information resources.

In 2014, the library usage area was increased to 170 m² in two separate spaces and continued to serve in the same usage areas in 2016. In the last quarter of 2018, the Turkish-German University Library, which is 651 m² in width, was put into service in the newly opened faculties building.  

The Turkish German University Library aims to increase the number of qualified information sources day by day by developing its collection in the teaching and research fields of our university. Our collection is offered to users with an open shelf system by being organized according to the Library of Congress classification system.
Each new information source added to the collection is stored in the library automation in accordance with international standards and users are provided with access to the bibliographic information of the publications in the collection without any space and time restrictions.

Books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, electronic books and electronic databases are the resources of our library. The number of our resources is constantly increasing depending on the budget opportunities allocated for the library each year and with the contributions of DAAD and other donors and individuals.
Thanks to the purchases made in accordance with our goals, new publications are added to our library in a short time. In line with the information resources of our age, electronic resources are mainly used.
Our library, which aims to provide all kinds of librarianship services for the faculty and students of our university with modern information technologies, continues to serve its users by expanding its working hours as much as possible.